Tridib Ghosh

Digital Marketer

Tridib Ghosh is a Digital Marketer for the last 25 years. He has his Digital and Social marketing company by the name BlinkInteract in the USA and India. He is a passionate painter and photographer. His early learning started at the Academy of Fine Arts – Kolkata. Abstract Art is his inner calling. He got trained in Abstract landscape and Pouring Art from Abstract guru Andy Morris -USA. Tridib believes abstract is not haphazard, it is a structured and organized form of art that gives his creativity wings. You have to learn the grammar to break it. Tridib is skilled in Abstract Pouring techniques, Abstract landscapes, Hyperrealistic Art, and business Doodling. He was trained in professional Doodling by Mattias Adolfsson and Mauro Martins. In his leisure time, he also paints with Watercolor and Doodles with Rotring pens. He also digitally paints using his stylus and Wacom tablet. That relaxes him after a hard day's work. Tridib has illustrated in various novels and storybooks.

Tridib's art can be purchased from Also, the Maa Durga Doodle Art can be purchased as a high-res Poster from him. You can contact him directly at 9820024594 and purchase framed and unframed Maa Durga's this doodle.

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