Aims & Objectives Aims & Objectives of NMBA as defined in the Memorandum of Association:

  • To organize socio-cultural activities with special emphasis for the propagation of Bengali culture under the auspices of its Life Members in the name and style of Navi Mumbai Bengali Association

  • To arrange for intellectual discussions, to maintain and create interest in art & culture, to arrange and hold lectures, seminars, film shows on educational subjects and/or subjects connected with science, arts, sports, commerce, IT, games and religion

  • To render services including raising and disbursing Funds at times of natural and national calamities. To foster the spirit of friendship and brotherhood with non political associations and people from all walks of life

  • To establish coaching classes, schools, colleges and libraries for the benefit of all irrespective of caste, creed or religion and to organize, promote or conduct other educational institutions with the intent of encouraging arts, music, dance, painting, martial arts, yoga and meditation, science, commerce, technology or any other subject as may be decided from time to time

  • To render medical help and advice to the sick and needy, and for that purpose to establish and run hospitals, dispensaries, maternity homes, sanatoriums, clinics, residential rooms/apartments, Stay and after care facilities for patients of cancer, congenital and other life threatening disease and Pharmacy

  • To grant scholarships, awards, trophies, medals or other presents in cash or in kind, to provide fees, books and other materials to poor and deserving students

  • To provide facilities for recreation, games, sports, physical exercises and/or for the development of any art such as yoga, meditation, martial arts, etc

  • To erect, construct, maintain or to purchase lands and/or buildings to carry out the aims and objectives of the Association. The building of the Association shall be used as Institutional structure and for the use of the Institution only

  • To educate the public by means of lectures, newspaper articles, exhibitions, publications, wall posters, hand bills, magazines, internet and other new age media etc. Also to print, publish, exhibit and/or sell books, house Journals, periodicals pamphlets, souvenirs, papers that may be considered suitable for the promotion of the objects of the Association

  • To associate in the activities of any other society, institution or association having objectives wholly or to an extent similar to the objectives of this Association. The above would also include carrying out joint projects with such associations / institutions which promote these objectives

  • To do all such other lawful acts, deeds or things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects

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